Thursday, December 5, 2013

That is NOT the language they taught me in the MTC... No but really...

Buna Familie!!

I FINALLY made it to the field!!! After a long time traveling I made it to Romania!!! Once we got here 3 of us were wisked away to doctors appointmments, which was just them taking out blood pressure and age. I'm not sure what the point of that was. That 1st day was such a long day!!! I'm not sure if I remember all of it. I was SOOOOO jet lagged. I remember us all sitting in the mission home with papers and Sora Hill going over the rules. At one point she made us all stand up and move around. I remember holding my packet sitting down then the next minute I remember it is on the floor somehow. like I said LONG day!!!!! They wouldnt let us go to sleep until it was the right time to go to sleep either. To top it all off the day we got there was the 1st day it decided it wsanted to snow... my favorite....not. That night we went to a Nashes house. Which is the word for Godparent or something. Sora Bird and I went to the sister training leafers house to sleep.

The next morning my MTC district all meet up with President and Sora Hill at the place where the land was dedicated for mission work and we read the dedicatory prayer. It was really cool, FREEZING but a cool experience. After we has to go apply for visas.... SOOOO FUN... It really was just us sitting there while the assistance took care of it for us :) nothing to bad. Wednesday was also the day we all found out where we will be serving and who our trainers were going to be!!! It was like the 1st day of school!! Are you ready to hear where I am??????? 

My companion is Sora Case and I am serving in CHISINAU, MOLDOVA!!!!

So actually I am not even in Romania :P To get here thogh we left Wednesday night and took a sleeper train for 14 hours!!! I kind of felt like I was in harry Potter but not as cool, no one came around asking if I wanted chocolate frogs and it wasn't as clean. So that was an experience!

My companion is great!!! The second day we taught a lesson, WE have actually taught 4 since I've been here and the golden number is only one. I get a headache eveyday though trying to understand what people are saying... 

We also have Russian speaking elders in our mission that only stay in Moldova so I thought that was interesting, On Sunday we went ot church and guess what language all the church things were in(sacrament, sunday school, relief society) RUSSIAN!!! yeah so really they didnt not teach me that lanuage in the MTC... A LOT of people here speak Russian. So sometimes people say things and I'm not sure if I should understand them or not. Sometimes they mix Romanian and Russian... I'm not a big fan. I really just need to master Romanian before Russian gets into this. I love it here just not the two languages it is making it harder than I would like haha. The Lord put me here for a reason though so I just have to find what that reason is and go with it!! 

Love you all!!!
Everything is great!!
Love Sora Bynum

P.S.--sorry for any spelling mistakes my whole letter is underlined so IDK what is wrong and what is right. Plus my keyboard also has all these russian symbols on them :P

P.S.S --Oh I forgot to tell you!!! We celebrated Thanksgiving on friday here. Which was my birthday so we went to the senior couples house and ate with all the missionaries in Moldova and got to watch Fiddle on the Roof. Our mission president is AWESOME!! We also get to watch an animated movie of our choice for Thanksgiving as well. We have yet to watch it but we will decide soon! :)

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