Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas fun in Moldova

Well things here in Moldova are going great!! We taught some lessons. We were contacting in the park one day and started talking to this older lady that was interested and she TOOK a copy of the Book of Mormon and then said that she would be in the park the next day and we could come back and talk to her again. So we went back the next day and guess what... SHE WAS THERE!!! that was cool!!! We taught her a little about about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. We were going to go back the next day but we had district meeting and so we got to the park a little late and she wasn't there and we haven't seen her since but we hoping to go back and see her again!

It has gotten pretty cold but it hasn't really snowed which I am happy about!!! We got a Christmas tree the other day from the store!!! It is so cute! It is little and sits on our table. We also got things to put on it as well! I love Christmas!! Makes it feel a little more homey having a tree up in our house. We also got to help put the tree up in the church after sports night. It is quite the tree with so many things on it haha. 

This week was our 1st week teaching English! We have the beinningers class After every class we give them a little spiritual thought and we only had 2 people there and we gave out 2 copies of the Book of Mormon!!! Plus we scheduled a 30/30 (we teach them 30 minutes of English and then 30 minutes of the Gospel) That was exciting for us!!
Moldova is great! I love just getting to walk around. Sometimes people don't really want to listen to us when it is cold outside but we still try and keep pressing forward with what we are doing. 

We also had zone conference last night. All the missionaries in Moldova and in Iasi came here to Chinsau. We had 4 sisters staying with us last night. Zone conference was so fun!! I got to see 3 of the people from my MTC district. It was like seeing family after a long time, even though it was really only 2 weeks :P. Actually during our conference the power decided it wanted to go off. We did our scarf and tie exchange in the dark, with the light of our phones. As missionaries we also decided that it would be a good idea to say a prayer for the power to come back on. Without the power the food couldn't be cooked. After the prayer it didn't come on but we countinued with what was planned. We sang hyms. After a while the power did come on and we were able to do everything that we needed to do. Our mission president even performed a number from fiddler on the roof. Costume and ALL!!! He is just the best!!! It was a great experience with great friends and food!!

In our mission when someone goes home we say they are dying. So the "dying" missionaries gave their testimonies it was a cool to hear. Also in our mission my trainer is my "mom" and my 1st district leader is my "dad" My dad is the one that is actually "dying" so it is sad to say bye to him but it is exciting that he gets to go home!!! 

All is well here!! 

-Sora Bynum

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