Sunday, November 24, 2013

Busting out of here!

Buna Familia!!!

I think that maybe this week has gone by even faster than the previous week!! We got our travel plans the other day and we leave bright and early on MONDAY!!! AHHH only 4 more days!!! We fly to New York, Amsterdam, then to Romania. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Nervous of course, I don't feel like I am as far in the language as I want to be, but I guess I can get by :)

Me being me...& enjoying TONS of veggie straws! Thanks Dad!! 
This week has been great just like all of our other weeks. We do this activity called TRC where we talk to all these returned missionaries in Romanian, then leave them with a little spiritual thought. It is cool to get to ask these missionaries about the mission. One class period though we got to do it with out teacher so we could ask him all these questions and got to know him a little more. It was really awesome!! Probably one of the coolest experiences we had as a class. It is hard to explain in a letter. It was great though!

Me, Elder Brown, & Elder Bonner studying! ..this was not posed..
Today we got to host the new missionaries. I got to host one of the foreign missionaries who is actually in our zone now going to Italy and she is from ENGLAND!!! She actually came Tuesday so I met her then. I got to take her around to her hall and class. It is actually cool. This week we are over lapping with other people. Usually new people that are going to your mission come a week after you leave. Now we have a few days with the new kids going to the Romanian/Moldova Mission!! We are all excited to see them!! We tried to see them today but we couldn't. We will start our classes with them though so we will get see them later. 

I forgot my journal so I don't remember too much that has happened this week. I just know that we have so much to do before we leave! I have 5 suro in my room so all of us trying to pack is going to be a disaster!!! 

We all wore blue one day!! 
Sometimes.. we like to have food parties in our room :)
Ohh we have had some pretty great speakers this week on Sunday and Tuesday! The one on Sunday was SOOOO funny!!! We were all laughing so hard!!! It was great she was like "We believe in meetings, we hope for meetings, we have endured many meeting, and hope to endure all meetings" She was great!

Sorry I should have more next week! I will be in Romania in 5 days!!!
Love you all!!! :)

-Sora Bynum

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