Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bună Familie!

This week seems to have gone by in a blur. On Halloween one of the Sisters Aunt's sent her a lot of goody bags. It was so nice of her! Later that night we decided that we wanted to have a "party" which was just the sisters bringing all the candy and things that they were sent. We put it all in our class and the whole zone came in and ate food and hung out during our language study time.

My companion and I got both of our investigators to come to church. We asked our teachers if they really came and THEY DID!!!! SUCCESS!!! They are on the right path to baptism. It is still kind of weird though because they are our teachers, so we will go teach them as investigators and then they put their tie back on and become our teacher.

We also have this thing called TRC. I don't know what that stands for, but we go and talk to these volunteers in Romanian and are supposed to share a message with them.  The 1st week we did it was  AWFUL!!! Our teacher told us to prepare a lesson, then this guy came in who is in charge of TRC and told us not to teach a lesson. We were so confused! This week was so much better though!!! We had one lady from last time. The people we talked to were all return missionaries that served in Romania. It was cool to ask them questions and learn more about the mission and what it is like. All our teachers and  missionaries that go to Romania get these cool covers on their scriptures from this one place. We are all excited to get our scriptures covered!!

We honestly haven't done anything too exciting this week. We went to the temple this morning and on the way back to campus I ran into Elder Garrett who reports today!!!! It was nice to see a familiar face!!! I forgot he reported today. That was pretty nice. 

For some reason our zone has come up with an obsession with riddles. They give some hard ones! We used a whole language study trying to figure some out!! I know not the best way to spend time but we just HAD to know!!! We got them eventually :-P It is mostly the Elders who come up with them.

Classes are all the same, teach investigators, grammar,  then somethings else depending on the day. One day we had to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in cince (5) minutes, then 1, then, 30 seconds!! It was so hard!! Especially in Romanian because you have to think what to say and if you can say it.   We changed leadership positions last night. It isn't effective until Sunday though. Everyone in my district has a calling now except 2. We have the zone leaders, the sister trainers, and a district leader. My companion and I are now in charge of picking music for sacrament and priesthood meetings.      Everything is great here! Still busy as ever! Sometimes the days catch up with you and its a hard to focus and stay awake.

Love you all!!!! Have a Great Week!!

Sora Bynum

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